02 Nov Know Your HIV Status for #KNOWvember!

We’re turning November into #KNOWvember — and we need your help to make sure everyone knows their HIV status!

All KNOWvember long, we’re challenging everyone to update their HIV status by getting a free and confidential HIV test. It’s an easy oral swab test and it only takes 20 minutes! Just watch our Public Health Liaison Stephanie Cienfuegos demonstrate how easy it is!

Don’t know where to request the test? You have options! Either ask your doctor for an HIV test, or get a free and confidential test from the Get Tested team at one of our community test sites.

After you update your status, help us spread the word about #KNOWvember!

If you know your status, take a selfie with one of these signs and spread the word about #KNOWvember! (Just click the image to get the full-size version that you can print at home for your selfie!)

And finally, the most important part: We need you to share your photos on Instagram using the #KNOWvember and #YesGTCV hashtags! And if you’re feeling up to the challenge, won’t you tag three friends and challenge them to do the same this #KNOWvember?

This #KNOWvember, let’s all update our HIV status so we can end the spread of the virus! Let’s make this month a #KNOWvember to remember!