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Know your HIV status – with certainty. Get peace of mind.
It’s as easy as handing a Test Request to your healthcare provider.

If everyone in the Coachella Valley gets tested – and if everyone who tests positive receives treatment – we can launch the beginning of the end for the spread of HIV in our community.

Maybe you think “I’m not at risk, so I don’t need an HIV test.” But if you’ve never been tested, you really don’t know your status with certainty. Knowing your status will give you peace of mind.

Break through your fears. Take courage from a caring community.
Maybe you’ve been avoiding an HIV test because you’re worried that you might test positive. It’s understandable that learning your status may seem scary. But if you are positive, our Coachella Valley region offers outstanding medical care – including HIV treatment specialists – to help you.

The Get Tested Coachella Valley campaign itself shows that this is a caring, supportive community. Thousands of caring individuals and organizations are pulling together to encourage everyone to get tested, and ensure linkage to care.

By delaying testing and treatment, you jeopardize your own health and the health of those you love. The sooner you get into care, the longer, healthier, and better quality of life you will have. So get tested!

Take pride in helping your community. Stop the spread of HIV.
The HIV epidemic doesn’t have to go on forever. We have the power to stop HIV – if each of us does our part. Bring a Test Request to your next medical appointment, visit a community test site or event, or purchase a home kit, and get tested for HIV.

Let’s face it – lots of people don’t feel comfortable asking their health care provider for an HIV test – and many of our health care providers don’t offer the test routinely.

Handing a Test Request to your health care provider is a simple way to break through this barrier.

Knowledge is power. Know your status!

  • It’s estimated that one in eight people who have HIV in the U.S. doesn’t know it.
  • The rate of HIV in the Coachella valley is estimated at more than twice the national average – putting all of us at greater risk.
  • More than half of Coachella Valley residents have never been tested for HIV.